The library is the place to store, utilize, service, disseminate and preserve the treasures of human thought which recorded the results in the form of printed and non-printed materials or materials in electronic form. The results of the human mind that is recorded in printed materials such as books, periodicals, government publications, gray Literatures, fiction, proceedings, personal papers, research results, printed music, etc. The book, despite recording media to be considered human thought is conventional, but its existence is still in great demand. The book is one of the main tools for studying humans, since when I started learning to read, entered the school to the world of work and family life and bermasyaakat, even as the media in helping to create science goes. While the non-printed materials, such as: CDs, tapes, films, film strips, slides, transparancies, microfilms, flat fictures: photographs, illustrations, posters, etc., video recordings, audio recordings, globes, maps (raised relief), working models , art originals, charts, dioramas, kits, realia, models, etc. Both printed and non-printed materials materials must be managed wisely in order to help meet the goals intansi parent/umbrella. Selengkapnya…SCHOOL LIBRARY MANAGEMENT

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